Now that Krispy Kreme has officially made it to Maine, we can combine 2 of our delicious loves! Donut meet cheeseburger.

Just a warning for you, make sure you are not starving when you scroll through Facebook. I learned the hard way, and now I am dying to try this sandwich.

Krispy Kreme has opened 2 locations here in Maine and has captured our taste buds. I grew up eating those delectable clouds of sweetness in Tennessee. They are so light and fluffy that if you let me, I could house a box in minutes. Now, alone these donuts are epic. But, what about making a Krispy Kreme Donut as a bun for a juicy cheeseburger? Yes, this is a real thing! In some McDonald's far, far away they actually sell this and call it the the McKrispy Kreme Cheeseburger. After hours of searching online, I cannot locate these McDonald's. Do you know what McDonald's has this on the menu? Or, you can always make it yourself!

Yum or Yuck?