Mmmmm....just writing this post has me CRAVING Chinese food. My favorite Chinese food is the crab rangoon; could eat them everyday! In every small town in Maine and New Hampshire, you can find a Chinese restaurant. My favorite joint is Asian Chinese in South Portland, Maine. Most the time, I order a Poo Poo for Two because I LOVE variety and dipping. I could drink duck sauce for real.

Where and what is YOUR favorite Chinese Restaurant? And, what is your favorite thing to order? (Click on your state above to find the best Chinese Restaurants where you live)

When you bust open that bag of delicious goodness when you get home; the fortune cookies fall out. Did you know that fortune cookies were invented in America? Honestly, I take the fortune in those cookies seriously! LOL But, I have gotten some real 'winners' throughout my Chinese food eating times. What is the most ridiculous fortune you got in your fortune cookie? Do you eat the cookie?

Check out these hilarious and weird fortunes in fortune cookies!