My name is Annie Snook, and I love me a good dive bar! I am always down to try out a new place, and I am so glad I stopped at this one. 

Well, there are two sides to this southern gal 'from away'. One side of me LOVES going to a fancy, swanky bar/restaurant and enjoying good food and a fabulous Dirty Martini. Then, there is the country down home girl that bellies up to a dive bar, and has good conversations and fun with strangers.

Yesterday, I was out and about with a friend for 'Sunday Funday', and we decided to go find a dive bar we have never been to. So, we headed up Munjoy Hill in Portland, and stumbled upon the Munjoy Hill Tavern. This joint is legit dive bar goodness. Small, red brick walls, TVs, drink specials, and even a spacious out door area. Perfect place to watch the Pat's game too with $2 drafts and 50 cent wings. I was in heaven! They even have tables out front so you can enjoy watching life go by, and toasting to strangers. I HIGHLY recommend you take a Sunday afternoon and hit this place up. You will NOT be disappointed. Cheers!