Warm weather is on the way.....I promise it will be here eventually! It will be time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. So, how do you do that? Do you go on hikes, ride your motorcycle, go to the beach, or maybe go bicycling? Oh, but I think I left one AWESOME thing out, and that would be goin' muddin' baby!

Camping out for a weekend, and watching some big ass trucks take on the mud and terrain gets your inner redneck rowdy! I never knew there we places where you could do this right in Maine. In Lebanon there is the 4x4 Proving Grounds where trucks and people come out to play! First event is "The Spring Sling" Memorial Day N.O.R.A. Race Track Series Weekend May 26th, 27th & 28th. If you can't wait til then, check out this wicked drone video shot last year over the track and the crowd!