You know, sometimes stories come along in the news that are just 'not normal'. And, I shake my head, and say 'What the Crap Man'?!

Thank you for this happy story WCSH Channel 6.  :)


This Kennebunkport Cat does what he wants to do!

Romeo the cat has always been a roamer of Maine. Maybe he enjoys the scenery as much as we do? His 'human' George Lichte excepts Romeo for the tramp that he is, and is used to him going out gallivanting. But, George was sadden in May when Romeo never came home. George checked Romeo's usual haunts, like the shops and hotels in Kennebunkport, local weddings, Romeo liked crashing those. And, this time, no called from the Secret Service saying they found Romeo AGAIN at the Bush Compound. His 'human' gave up all hope, and excepted that his fateful friend was dead.

But, this story has an amazing happy ending! Romeo was found safe and sound in Skowhegan due to nice people, and his microchip. That's right, more than 100 miles away from his home. His adventures brought him to a wedding near home, and a guest thought he as a stray so brought him to Unity where he lived in a dorm for awhile. Romeo escaped there, was found nearby and brought to a shelter where his microchip helped solve who his 'human' was. And now, the vet's office has been inspired by Romeo's story and will be doing a special on micro-chipping next month. Only $25 to get your pet microchipped.

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