I am sold! This woman could sell poop to a poop farm.....

I came across this video on my Facebook news feed via Maine's favorite comedian Bob Marley. A woman named Carol Richard, who now lives in Tennessee, was up in Maine where she is originally from for the Common Ground Fair. While at the fair, she was checking out all the vendor booths when she came upon one that, well frankly, was covered in moose sh*$! Literally!

The vendor is named Tirdy Works Wicked Good Moose Tirds All Organic Maine. The actual vendor was there with the most epic awesome sales pitch for every item available. This woman's talent as a salesperson will have you wanting to buy some moose tird merchandise! THIS is WICKED SMARHT!

Someone on Facebook has already sent this video into 'Ellen' to get her on her show! Fingers crossed this goes viral!