Last week, Bangor School Teacher Catherine Gordon was sadden when the Principal told her to remove the 'Hello Kitty' Christmas Tree out of her classroom. But, the Christmas Spirit has won out, and the tree was returned to the classroom this week!

In an interview with Bangor Daily News, Catherine explains in an email, Principal Paul Butler told her she had to remove the tree because he thought is was 'inappropriate'. Not for it's 'child-like' nature, but, the Principal thought the tree favored one religion over another. Clearly, there is no 'Hello Kitty' religion, and after consideration, the Principal reversed his decision!

Bangor Superintendent Betsy Webb explained the confusing situation. She said that every holiday season, school staff, and herself'; have to be sure that any student or parent doesn't feel like an outsider by the concerts, lesson, activity, or decoration display.

I just got out of a wonderful meeting with my building principal and he told me I could put the tree back up! I'm very...

Posted by Catherine Gordon on Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Our society has become so scared of offending anyone, at anytime. This was an unfortunate situation, but, it was turned about, into a happy ending. Enjoy your holidays!