It is the sweetest day of the year, Valentine's Day! For some, this is a day to spoil your significant other. And boy, if you forget it; you best run and hide. To me, when I have a boyfriend on Valentine's Day; I take it seriously. To the point where I get bratty, and hinge the relationship on IF he does something for me or gets me a gift. Now, I am talking about either a gesture, like cook dinner. As far as a gift, it can be just a card, or flower, chocolate; nothing expensive. Do I set myself up for disaster when I do that? Yes, I have in the past, but they were not the men for me anyways.

This Valentine's Day I am single, and you know what; I don't care. It isn't bothering me so much this year. I decided for myself NOT to stress about it anymore. It's just not worth it. If you are single, you need to do the same. And, even more, you need to be your own Valentine. Do some self love today, and it will love you right back! Try doing these fun things for yourself today. Happy Valentine's Day!


10. Go see a movie

I find it super fun and relaxing to see a movie alone. Less interruptions


9. Go Shopping!

Treat yo self! Right now, a lot of the stores have sales going on. Most winter clothing is on sale! Or, buy those earrings or neckless you have been eyeing for months.


8. Go to a fancy restaurant and just have champagne and dessert.

This is YOUR day, and you must have something sweet in your mouth!


7. Get a pedicure/manicure

Getting your nails did makes you feel pretty and dainty! And, relaxed


6. Fall in love with something new

Maybe pick you that book you've been meaning to read, or go to a yoga class.


5. Cook yourself a nice dinner at home

When was the last time you cooked up something special just for you?


4. Grab a drink at a bar with Valentine's Day drink specials

On this holiday, drinking alone is just fine; especially when you are getting a good deal.


3. Take a long bath

There is nothing more relaxing then taking a nice warm bath.


2. Buy yourself some flowers

Flowers always make me happy. They are beautiful and brighten up any room!


1. Extra snuggle time with your furry friend

This always makes me feel the loves. Pets are the best!