And the best part was FREE!

About a week or so ago, I got whiff of a gigantic happening coming to Monument Square in the heart of Portland. The Peak studio is located at One City Center downtown so it was no problem for me to enjoy this event. Harvest on the Harbor is a week long event in October that highlights all the yummy and fabulous restaurants that are in Portland. So, to celebrate the upcoming events, they decided to have several different establishments that are known for their Italians to help assemble a huge one! Now, this is the first attempt at making the world's largest Italian sandwich. So, they told the crowd that next year, they are gonna go for the Guinness World Book Record.

So, here is the end result of this massive Italian Sandwich! After they were done recording the length, they cut it up into pieces. Then, we all got to stuff our faces! #bestdayever

Look at this thing! Crazy!