First of all, if you are reading this; I can see the smile on your face. Brady the G.O.A.T and the boys pulled off another win, and are headed to the 51st Superbowl! HOLLA!! Now, some boring stuff about Tom Brady. That would be his diet! To stay at the top of his game, at the age of 39; Brady literally eats like a goat! According to his home chef, Allen Campbell, he eats EXTREMELY healthy. No burgers and fries for Brady. He would be horrified to see us in our living room's watching him play with a beer and nachos. Brady instead eats TONS of organic veggies, salmon, quinoa, and duck. How does that sound to you? Appetizing? LOL

It works for Brady, and he has said he wants to continue being The G.O.A.T for many years to come. So keep chewin' on that grass Tom, cause we can't imagine the Patriots without you!!