Um, how in the heck am I just finding this song now?

Tim McGraw got his start when his first album came out in 1993. I remember living in Tennessee and hearing 'Don't Take the Girl' for the first time. And, I remember he had quite the stylish mullet. Quickly he became a country music superstar and has not stopped since.


Flash forward through the years and he has raked up an extremely successful career and life. He has pumped out album after album and has remained at the top of the country heap. So, how in the world did I miss hearing this song? He has a song titled 'Portland, Maine' on his 'Sundown Heaven Down' record. The song is about him declaring his love for a woman who doesn't seem to want him. And, his beloved lives in Portland, Maine and he keeps repeating that he doesn't seem to know where that is. And, that he doesn't want to know where Portland, Maine is. Ouch Tim! Well, kinda a confusing song to me but, I wonder what his muse was for this song?