Yes, puppets. Yes, adults only!

If you've ever pondered the logistics of puppet sex, realized that everyone is in fact, a "little bit racist," or know any prickly elementary teachers akin to "Mrs. Thistletwat," then "Avenue Q" at M & D Playhouse in North Conway is for you.

Lisa Dufault

"Avenue Q" first opened off Broadway in 2003, scored the Tony Awards trifecta of Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book, and won a Grammy for it's Seinfeld-meets-Sesame-Street hilarity of felt and flesh.

As you can imagine, it's quite edgy, has extremely colorful language, and IS NOT FOR KIDS or the easily offended.

If you are willing to subject yourself, as evidenced by Thursday's opening night crowd, you will laugh your ass off.

Special thanks to the viewer who snort-laughed through the entire show on Wednesday. (Yes, I'm in the show!)

Bring your twisted sense of humor to M & D Playhouse at Willow Place Mall, North Conway, 7:30 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, from May 18 to June 3. You can get tickets at, by calling 603-733-5275, or at the door.