Warm weather is here....well, off and on at this point. Mother nature is struggling to get those high temps to stay, and we will get that eventually. And, the warmer it's getting, the sooner your favorite summer eat spots open up. How about learning a better way to enjoy your fries in a more convenient way?? 

Do you hit up Old Orchard Beach for those delicious Pier Fries? Or, head on over to the Clambake in Scarbourough for fish n' chips? How about dinning on a fisherman's platter at The Lobster Shack at Two Lights? Hey, McDonald's has those yummy lobster rolls coming back too, with some fries on the side? Where ever you enjoy summer french fries, you will love this. If you are a ketchup fan, and always think those cups are just too dang small; with this hack, you will NEVER run out of ketchup again!