Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. You don't have to buy anyone anything, you can pretend to be someone else, and stuff your face with candy! What's not to like?

Since I was a little kid, it was ingrained in me that Halloween is awesome! Thanks to my Mom. Every year she put out her amazing Halloween candle collection around the house, we would carve pumpkins, and always set up a scary display in the front yard. I continue these traditions in my own way, and enjoy it each year. One thing I must do is carve a pumpkin. Each time I do, I use those pattern books, and NO this isn't cheating. Because they come out perfect each time. Here are some of the pumpkins I have carved in the past!


Here is this year's Jack-o-Lantern for Halloween Masterpiece!

Please share your Jack-o-Lantern with us!


And, join us for our Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash this Saturday. It will be at the Portland Expo, 8-p-midnight with live music, adult beverages, and a costume contest. Happy Halloween!