Grocery shopping is an every week activity in our lives. Sometimes, it isn't fun, more like a chore, but it must be done. We are creatures of habit, and stick to what we like. You have your neighborhood grocery store you hit up every week. You know where everything is, and find the cashiers very helpful. You can become a 'regular' at your grocery store, and become comfortable going there. Experts say, the average time a person spends grocery shopping is 41 minutes. And, on an average day, 32 million people go grocery shopping. But, what about those times when you need to grab something quick, and you can't go to your grocery store? Ugh, it stresses me out! Because nothing is where it should be, and the cashiers feel different too. It throws me all off. How about you?

For me, I find Hannafords to be my favorite grocery store. I can go into any location, and feel comfortable; find what I need easily. So, my question is, what is the best grocery store in Maine? Where is your favorite place to grocery shop?