Country music has it’s fill of hunky guys, and it’s time that we enjoy them in all their glory! Come have a daydream with me…….

I believe that Brett Eldredge was put on this planet to make us swoon over his epic good looks, and his smooth voice. Um, mission accomplished! It is SO ridiculous just how hot this man is. He knows what to sing, just how to have that right velvety tone at just the right moment in each song, and his hair is just begging to be combed through with my fingers. Or yours, I can share.

For me, Brett is the full package, and even comes with an adorable dog. I could just smear him out on a cracker, and eat him up! He is tall drink of water that you can just imagine picking you up, and swiping you off your feet.

Drop everything for a few minutes today, and enjoy you some Brett Eldredge.