I am headin down to Thompson Motor Speedway this weekend! Boogety Boogety! Please help me to fit in?

I have met a man, and he loves NASCAR racing. Where did I meet him? At a dive bar of course! Anyways, he is so much fun, and his passion for racing is infectious. A few weeks ago, it started with him dragging me to Oxford Motor Speedway. My hopes were not that high, but, surprisingly, I had a blast!

So, then the tour continued. This past weekend, we went down to Lee USA Speedway for the Oktoberfest races. We ended up winning the 50/50, $316, and made a weekend of it! Got a sweet hotel room in Portsmouth for the night, and went back to the races on Sunday.

Now this weekend, we are headed down to Thompson Motor Speedway in CT for the Sunoco World Series of Speedway Racing! We got us a sweet room at Foxwoods, which could be dangerous, gambling.... But, more importantly, I need ya'lls help! If you are a racing fan, please post your race/track pictures on our Facebook page, and share your racing stories! I want to soak in your knowledge, and get the most out of my racin' times! Who knows, maybe I'll see you down there this weekend!


Tell me your greatest racing/track experience or story!