You gotta love your family, right? That's what they say anyway, but sometimes they can embarrass the crap out of you. I am talking about when they post pictures of you from growing up. Oh boy!

This is a true story.......

When I was growing up, I was ALL ABOUT Pee Wee's Playhouse. It was my favorite Saturday morning show to watch. I could even do his laugh, well, admittedly I still can. I have since watched the show as an adult, and was kinda disturbed. But, when I was little, it was the bomb.

So, for my 11th birthday, my Mom made my wishes come true. My gift was a talking Pee Wee doll, along with Cherry the chair. By far, the BEST birthday I have ever had. Now, my Mom told me NOT to bring the doll to school. No matter what. But, I just had to show it off to my friends. I went to school with Pee Wee hiding in my back pack, and we so excited. My friends loved the doll, and I was cool for 1 day. But then, I let a kid named Steven Smith pull Pee Wee's string to talk, and it snapped. I WAS DEVASTATED. I never got the string fixed, so Pee Wee was silenced forever.



I do still have the Pee Wee doll, and Cherry at my Mom's house. Maybe one day I can get him fixed. Looks like now they go for a pretty penny on Ebay! LOL

What is the best birthday gift you got as a kid?