LL Bean

Ever Wonder How LL Bean Boots Are Made? [VIDEO]
We all love the world famous LL Bean boots, but have you ever wanted to know how they're made?
LL Bean is one of the last multi-channel U.S. merchants to still own and operate a U.S. manufacturing facility. They proudly employ 450 people at their Brunswick factory, where they …
Sara Evans @ LL Bean
FREE is always good! It can cost a pretty penny getting out and doing summer things. And, I am sure I am not the only one on a budget. Here is another fund friendly event to enjoy right here in Maine!
9 Things That Will Always Make Maine Feel Like Home
There's a strange thing that happens to everyone who grows up in Maine: It becomes part of you. Whether you attempt to escape by moving to another state, or country, there are just things about this little place we call home that you just can't shake...
Trump Tweets LL Bean
The President-elect came to the defense of Linda Bean and L.L. Bean after a boycott of the company was suggested.

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