I would have never guessed that Maine or New Hampshire could be miserable at all in the summer?!

According to thrillist.com summers in some states can be downright brutal. Here in Maine and New Hampshire we tend to believe that our summers are perfect because of our long suffering at the hand of our winters. But, you know those people that complain in the winter and then when it's 'too' hot in the summer. I walk far away from those people for real. It's funny how we seem to forget oh so quickly just how bad this winter was. It's like the follows popping up and warmer temps all of a sudden cause us amnesia. This website decided to put together a list of all 50 states and ranked them on how terrible to endure their summers is and I was surprised where we ended up on that list.

So, they are ranked from 1-50 being that 1 is the worst and 50 is the best.

39. New Hampshire.  Thrillist.com ranked the granite state there because:

But take away those lakes and you’re just left with a hot New England summer filled with NASCAR races, Mount Washington bumper stickers, and humid trips to Story Land, Santa’s Village, and the gloriously named Hobo Railroad in unintentionally wet T-shirts.


36. Maine. Thrillest.com ranked vacationland there because:

There could be an argument made that Maine’s summer weather is overhyped, that the brutal aspect of Maine’s winters somehow makes the summer weather more compelling. And you know what? They may be right! But who really cares when you can flit around on Maine’s 293 miles of coast and 4,617 islands, popping blueberries fresh off the bushes, and catching lobsters in your L.L. Bean duck boots?

The violent embrace winter keeps on Maine only makes the jimmy-laced frappes and basic ham sandwiches known as ‘Italians’ that Mainers enjoy in the warm summer months that much more spectacular. Also, please don’t ask us to explain Down East.

Man, I bet this writer has never even been to Maine in the summertime!

So, how about you? What is the worst part about summer for you in Maine or NH?