If you've visited the Target location in South Portland anytime over the last few weeks, you've noticed that something is going on. Portions of the store are a little cluttered, some are blocked off entirely and those giant shipping containers in the parking lot weren't just for your next cutting edge backyard project, they were part of a planned remodel for Target. According to retailtouchpoints, the South Portland Target is one of 150 stores nationwide that will be remodeled in 2021.

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What Will Be Different Outside The Remodeled Target?

A LOT. The first thing you'll notice is the outside facade. The traditional Target signage has already come down in South Portland and it will be replaced with some sleek and colorful signage. You'll also see some new parking spots designated for online pickup orders as Target continues to evolve with the new ways people shop.

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What Will Be Different Inside The Remodeled Target?

A LOT. In a lot of ways, the store will feel more spacious. Target is eliminating a lot of the traditional "aisles" that big box stores have used for decades and replacing them with a more open feel style of shopping. As you'll see in the photo above, the cosmetics department of the remodel has been completed and it features different flooring, boutique-like design and some new lighting as well. Other departments in the store will receive the same upgraded treatment in the coming months. Additionally, the Starbucks kiosk inside the store will be receiving an update as well. Target shared this video of a recently fully-remodeled store to give you an idea.

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How Long Will The Remodel Take?

Remodels of big stores can often drag on, but Target plans to have the store completely overhauled by the end of July. New stores, including the store planned for Auburn in the not-too-distant future, will share a similar look to the remodeled location in South Portland.

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