On any beach in Maine, seaweed is present. Some beaches seem like they have more sea weed than others. Do you get grossed out swimming in sea weed? It's always fun to watch the kids have a 'sea weed war' at the beach, and throw it all over each other. For most of us, you would NEVER consider eating sea weed. It's all slimy, and weird looking. But, did you know that sea weed is actually considered a 'super food'? Meaning, it has tons of health benefits, vitamins and minerals; it's also harvested on our coasts for consumption all around the country. Some seaweed is know to have more nutrients than all the vegetables on land. So, maybe next time you are at the beach, envision that sea weed in a yummy salad for dinner. I know, it sounds like you would be playing a game of 'I dare you', but, it could turn out to be something you like eating!

This seaweed farmer has a thriving business harvesting sea weed off the coast of Maine.

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Check out this easy recipe for a Wakame Seaweed Salad to ease you into the idea of eating sea weed: