Best place in Portland to get that 'hair of the dog' and best breakfast in town; that's at Ruski's! 


Ruski's Tavern is THE place to be Sunday morning after a night out drinking. Their breakfast soaks up all that in your tummy, and their Bloody Mary's are just the doctor ordered. I have lived in Portland off and on, and when I stumbled across this dive bar in the West End, I was hooked. I love bringing people there that have never been! Not only is their breakfast a world wonder, but their burgers are juicy and filled with greasy goodness. Don't let this place fool you, it may be dark and dank; stay for the food and dranks and you won't be sorry. Oh, and, it is always encouraged to write a message on the chalk board walls and take a selfie in their bathrooms. Why your ask? More like why not!