The definition of bad in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: failing to reach an acceptable standard, unfavorable, not fresh, inadequate or unsuited to a purpose; to name a few. So why does a beautiful natural scene in Machias, Maine get the name 'Bad Little Falls'? That is NOT nice!


Here's an interesting history lesson. According to, the Passamaquoddy Indian tribe gave Machias, Maine it's name. The meaning of Machias is 'bad little falls', which is where the falls running through town gets it's strange name. Some believe it was also a name given as a warning that these falls could be treacherous to those on the Machias River. The river runs about 60 miles long, and dumps into the Machias Bay. The Indians used to use this river as a seasonal migration route. The first permanent settlement in Machias was in 1763, for lumber production. Now, the river and falls run wild, and there is a park around the falls to enjoy. The name 'Bad Little Falls' has stuck, but, don't let it fool you!