Women can do anything that men can do and these tough ladies are ready to take each other down in arm wrestling!

Are you a big fan of the WWF in the 80's or WWE? You love all the costumes and drama? Well then this is the event for you! S.L.A.P, which is Superhero Ladies Arm Wrestling is the equivalent to pro wrestling drama and fun. Live music and drinks will be flowin'! All these ladies are professional arm wrestlers and have even won national competitions. Now they are bringing their spectacle to Portland House of Music Saturday night 4/7 to raise money for charity. The charity this match is for the Women's Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Group in Portland.

Expect to be enthralled in all the action and to cheer on your favorite lady!

The action starts at 8pm at Portland House of Music this Saturday! Tickets are $6 before show, and $8 at the door. Click here to get tickets!