We are all so thankful to see the snow go, but in New Hampshire it could be hazardous.

Usually when the snow melts you have your usual suspects to 'stuff' what becomes uncovered. Dog poop, cigarette buts, Fireball nips, and trash. Now there is something else you will be seeing that is unusual. According to WMUR Channel 9 New Hampshire police departments are warning people of a potentially dangerous item that would be lurking under that snow pile in your front yard. Police from all over the state have been getting reports of one pot meth labs. Basically, it is a contraption made with plastic drinking bottles to cook up methamphetamines. There can sometimes be a straw attached to this and a sludge looking substance in the bottle. During an interview, Jon Delena, DEA assistant special agent said:

That stuff is still volatile. It could be explosive. It could be dangerous. We don't want people bringing it inside. What we want you to do is call the police, and they will call the DEA lab and they will go out there and safely dispose of this stuff.

Police urge you not to touch any kind of drug paraphernalia if found and to call them immediately for safe disposal. And, be sure to speak with your children about this matter to keep them safe.