If you walk around Mackworth Island in Falmouth, you'll notice a pet cemetery of Governor Baxter's dogs.

It's either creepy or sweet.

But Governor Percival Proctor Baxter (1921-1925) was not only a lover of dogs, but a breeder of Irish Setters. He had all of his dogs (14) and even his horse buried on Mackworth Island.



It's kinda spooky and the sign appears to be new. I've walked around Mackworth a few dozen times and I've never noticed this sign before. It's inviting and not inviting all at the same time....



He loved his dogs (and horse) so much...and I suppose if I had an island, I would do the same thing.


If you happen to be walking your dog, jogging or just enjoying the groomed trails of Mackworth Island in Falmouth, stop by to see this enclosed area of Gov. Baxter's beloved dogs.

Just don't go at night...and don't go with Stephen King.