All together now "awwww!!!" The New Hampshire State Police do more than just keep the people of New Hampshire safe, they keep our animals safe too!

A group of ducklings was stuck in the median on route I-393 in Concord. Sergeant Sampson was able to escort quite a few across the road safely. However, a few fell into the storm drain. But before you get all emotional on behalf of our fallen ducklings, this story has a happy ending.

New Hampshire Fish and Game stepped on the scene to save the day. With their powers combined Lieutenant Cheney, Mike Reifke & Tony Paveglio from the Department of Transportation were able to remove the sweet little quackers from harm's way. They were returned to a nearby pond and are currently swimming around living their best life.

Next time you see Sergeant Sampson make sure you thank him for this good deed. Duckling lives matter!