My skin is STILL crawling!

During these wicked hot summer days we are continuously reminded to stay dehydrated, don't leave your dog in the car, use sunscreen. But, there is one thing that  you need to be on alert that can happen in the summer. I think no one talks about it because it is SO GROSS. And, this thing happened to me this morning in my apartment. I am talking about maggots in my trash.

I went to bed last night and all was fine. My apartment is on the second floor and my air conditioner barely cools my studio. All I have been concentrating on is staying as cool as possible. So, I get up with morning, bring Fancy out as usual. Then, I come back in to find maggots crawling all over my kitchen floor. Oh, and not just there; they made it all the way into my living room too. I have no idea when this invasion began, but I was horrified. My skin instantly started to crawl and I went into panic mode. I cannot believe this was happening. I cleaned them up and got the trash out immediately. I scrubbed down the trash bin and floors. Now I pray I got all of them.

Needless to say, but don't be me. Be aware of your trash situation this summer. Don't have this Summer nightmare happen to you!