Mahala has Alopecia, which is hair loss. She's a 17-year-old senior and as you can imagine...this was life changing.


Mahala not only lost her hair, but as she describes, her identity. But that all changed and now she now wants to give back. This is her natural hair before the loss...

Mahala Smith

Mahala Smith is a senior at Oak Hill High School in Wales, Maine. She was diagnosed with Alopecia at age 5. She would lose hair, but it would grow back. But in 2017, she lost all of her hair. In 3 short months, she went from having a long pony tail, to complete baldness. That includes eyebrows and eyelashes too...and most body hair.

Imagine being a teenager...and then to lose all your hair.

Mahala Smith

It took her a while to come to terms with the fact that she may be bald for the rest of her life. That's when she found out about Children With Hair Loss. They make wigs for kids with hair loss. She's getting ready to reapply for her new wig and it was an easy decision for her senior project.

This is Mahala at an April semi formal and the first time with her wig.

Mahala Smith

She wants to give back to the people who helped her during such a hard time in her life. She is collecting hair and would love to go to San Diego for 'The Great Cut'. It is an attempt to break a world record and raise 200,000 dollars for Children With Hair Loss.

Mahala would like to be part of that record, and we want to help get her there!