For decades, Allen's Coffee Brandy has been Maine's number one drink of choice. But there's a booze that is gunning for Maine's most popular drink...


Did you know that Mainers drink so much Allen's, the coffee-flavored liquor, that we basically make up all of Allen’s sales nationwide. We consume so much of the stuff that on Allen's website they claim: is an almost cultural rite of passage – a beverage shared by generations of Mainers.


But...there's a new favorite in town...

According to the Press Herald:

Allen’s sold $10.1 million worth of coffee brandy in Maine last year, roughly 6 percent of total hard alcohol sales statewide. Fireball was the second-highest-selling spirit, with about $8.4 million in sales. Tito’s, with $6.5 million, came in third.

That's pretty close! And it's funny...I also have THIS in my freezer!


What's your drink of choice? Are you keeping Allen's in business, or getting one of these others to take that top spot?