As thunderstorms rolled across New Hampshire this Tuesday afternoon, Hampton Beach was transformed into a dark ominous seascape instead of the sunny beachside community everyone knows and loves.

Hampton Beach-"Official" Facebook page

Instead of looking for an umbrella to shade themselves from the sun, those seeking sun, sand, and surf where instead on the hunt for an umbrella to guard them against the downpour of rain.

Hampton Beach-"Official" Facebook page

These pictures posted on the official Facebook page for Hampton Beach show clouds so big and overwhelming, that at first glance I thought they were monstrous waves ready to crash ashore.

Weather reports for Hampton Beach from the National Weather Service call for continued heavy rain throughout the rest of Tuesday. It looks like things are back to normal tomorrow with sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid 80's.

So don 't can put away the umbrella tomorrow and return to your regularly scheduled beach day with no worries.