For me, I started doing yoga because I wanted an activity to calm my brain. I tend to get into trouble with overthinking. Always thinking about what is next, or what I am gonna do if THIS happens. The hardest thing to do is just live in the present. And yoga helps me to do that. Because while I am doing yoga, I am only thinking about setting up the pose, and holding it. Breathing also plays a strong roll in yoga, and that helps with anxiety issues. Which, I suffer from too.

If you are looking to make a change in your life, and get out of your 'norm'; this is perfect for you. I have been going to the Oasis Wellness Center in Scarborough, Maine for a few years now. It is a lovely space, nice people, and NO judgement. Along with yoga, they do acupuncture, massages, and chiropractic care. Right now on our 'Seize the Deal' (Click on Seize the Deal to get the deal) there is a gift certificate worth $140 worth of services there, for only $49.99. That can buy you 5 yoga classes. It's time to get our 'feel good' on. Come get healthy with me at yoga. I'd sure love the company!

Now, lets laugh at Epic Fails in Yoga!  LOL