Lena is turning 100 years old in June. All she wants is a card - let's get her a ton of cards!



Lena is incredible! Not only does she live alone, but she is makes quilts by hand!



Lena is Katie Wheeler's great aunt and wants to celebrate her turning 100 June 16th in a big way. Lena doesn't want any anything but a card for her birthday...so let's send her a ton of cards!

Lena Sanborn / 207 Sokokis Trail / Waterboro, Maine 04030


Lena was also one of the first women barbers in Maine, and has lived her whole life here. She also was the first woman barber to own her own shop right in Waterboro and also had an ice cream shop Lee's on Route 5!

They are hoping for 100 cards - but I bet we could flood her!  Congrats Lena on an incredible life!