Kip Moore will be releasing his Underground EP soon, and he's giving us more of a sense of what the album will sound like. You can listen to the latest song he's sharing, "All Time Low," above.

It's not exactly a cheerful song -- the chorus centers around the line, "My baby's gone / I'm at an all time low." But the slightly bitter breakup song has a driving beat and some fun guitar licks: in short, it turns relationship woes into something kind of fun to sing about.

Moore has some fun finding creative ways to tell off the girl responsible for putting him at an "all time low."

"To hell with her," he sings. "She can kiss my glass."

"All Time Low" is the second song from Underground that Moore has shared so far. In addition to his most recent single "I'm To Blame," he 's also released the audio for "My Kind."

Underground is set for release on Oct. 28 and will contain five tracks. Moore is currently headlining his 2016 Me and My Kind Tour, which will go through the beginning of December. Underground is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

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