The Summer heat is here! While you are trying to stay cool, remember your dog needs to beat the heat too.

Our charity Peak for Pets is in full swing raising money and awareness for pets in need at The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland and Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills. Oxford Casino Hotel helps us all through the year for this charity and be on the lookout for our next fundraising event there soon.

Temperatures this weekend will be reaching into the upper 90's reminding us how fantastic the weather can be in the summer. NO COMPLAINING! When you want to complain, just remember how ridiculously cold it was in December 2017. Right?!

The Animal Refuge League wants to remind you that while you are trying to stay cool, remember your dog needs to chill as well. They have provided some tips for us doggy parents to follow to keep our pups safe in these hot days of summer!

  • Limit your dog's exercise times to mornings and evenings while it is cooler.
  • Be sure to give your dog plenty of water and shade
  • Invest in a doggie pool, sprinklers, or cooler vest
  • Make some homemade doggie Popsicles

For details on these tips and to check out pups that are up for adoption now, click here.