Wait, what was my New Years resolution again?? We have entered the second week of 2017. So, how is your resolution progress going? If you are laughing at your computer right now, I take it that there is NO progress. Hey, DO NOT feel bad about! Statistics say that 42.4 % of people never succeed and fail on their resolution each year. You are not alone. For me, I decided to try to cut back on my drinking, booze that is. So far, I am doing alright. Due in part to a horrible stomach bug I had last week, yuck! But, as soon as I felt better, I bellied up to a bar. I have decided to only drink on the weekend. No more during the week; we will see how it goes. Was your resolution to exercise more, and get healthy? Well if it is, and it's not happening for you, laugh it off! The best way to do that, is to watch, point and laugh at this hilarious gym workout fails! Hey, laughing does burn calories ya know!!