With our first snowstorm of the season here, we're grabbing our shovels and firing up our snow blowers. The road crews are also out in force keeping the roads clear too and you know it's going to happen. Just as you clear your driveway, the plow will come by and dump snow back into it. The Maine DOT wants you to know that there's a way to keep that from happening. It's a little more work on our part, but it's worth it.

It's as simple as clearing the area to the left of the entrance to your driveway. With that area clear, there's nothing for the plow to push into your driveway. The Maine DOT made this handy graphic to illustrate how it works.

As much as I dread shoveling, I dread going back out again to clear what the plow dumps in. I'm ready this time though with my new snow blower and excited to see how well this works.