Are you going to buy a Megamillions ticket for Friday's drawing?


According to WMTW Channel 8 the Megamillions Jackpot is now up to $1 billion. No one came forward with matching all numbers after last night's drawing. Numbers for last night were:

Numbers drawn Tuesday were 03-45-49-61-69 and Mega Ball 09.

The jackpot has been growing like crazy size late July after 11 coworkers hit for $543 million. If no one wins big after Friday's drawing, the jackpot will go into the billions. If you were to hit this jackpot, you would receive after the government gets it's share,  $513.4 million. Think you could live with that? LOL

Not gonna lie to you though and sorry to burst your bubble; the odds of you winning are  $513.4 million. But hey, we can have a lot of fun hoping and wishing. And, dreaming of what your life would be like after the big win. I will buy a ticket because you can't have a chance of winning if you don't! What is the first thing you would buy with your winnings? I would buy a vacation house somewhere tropical and take a few weeks off from life. Sun and fun baby!

What would you buy first? Don't say bills, yuck!