Dysart's right outside Bangor, Maine IS an institution. It's a diner inside a truck stop, that is famous for their delicious fare. Celebrities of all kinds have stopped in to have breakfast or a late night dinner after playing at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion. And, when you travel north or downeast, it's a stop that must be on your trip plans.

4 years ago, Dysart's decided to film a commercial, and asked local regulars Jack and Sonja Palmer to be in the commercial. Their specific part was to talk about the yummy chicken pot pie. The line was 'buttery, flaky crust' and for some reason, both of them could not get those words to come out of their mouth right. The blooper video from the commercial was posted on Youtube.com, and has since been viewed more than 3 million times. And, last Friday, Stephen Colbert featured this video on his Late Night show, and it got tons of laughs. The segment starts at 3 minutes and 29 seconds in. Dysart's is going nationally famous now!