Summer is still in full swing! Have you been camping yet? Try New Hampshire!

Are you a camper? Tent of RV? Or, maybe 'Glamping'? Either way you enjoy the outdoors on a weekend is just plain fun. Being one with nature, showing the kids how to cook over an open fire, and, to respect the forest. It's fun with the family, or as a couple. I can't even tell you the last time I went camping. Growing up in Tennessee, in the summer, we were ALWAYS at a campground. We had an old 70's RV, and some of us kids would sleep in the tent; we took turns, and it did cause some fights! And, according to your voting on, here are the Top 5 Campgrounds in New Hampshire:


5. Cozy Pond Camping Resort in Webster


4. Wakeda Campgrounds in Hampton Falls


3. Ferndale Acres Campground in Lee


2.  Seven Maples Campground in Hancock


1. Friendly Beaver Campground in New Boston


What is your favorite campground in New Hampshire or Maine?