This is a bizarre scene. Imagine you are a young girl who just got off the bus from school. Walking home, you find someone is following you. Then, they enter your home. What would you do?

According to WMUR Channel 9, an 11 year old girl in Goffstown says a strange man followed her home and entered her house on Monday. The event in question took place around 4pm after the girl got off the school bus. The girl alleges the man was driving a white SUV like her grandmother's; she thought it was her. She then entered her grandmother's house, and the man came in behind her. Luckly, her brother-in-law was home, and confronted the man. He asked what he wanted, and the stranger replied he was looking for 'Victor'. The brother-in-law told him no one by that name lives there, then the stranger left. Police are saying this man is not a suspect. They just want to know who he is and what his intentions were.

Check out this police sketch. Do you recognize him? Police say he is white, 5 foot 8, was wearing a suit, and had an accent. Contact Goffstown police if you have any information.