About a month ago, a new internet sensation started from a man simply asking the restaurant Cracker Barrel why his wife was fired after working there for 11 years. Since then, the world has been captured by this sad situation, and there needs to be some justice made. The funny thing is, no one really knows what happened, or who the heck Brad and his wife really are. This story has birthed thousands of meme's, facebook pages, hilarious tweets, and even website dedicated to getting Brad's wife hired back to Cracker Barrel. Even other chain restaurants have offered to give Brad's wife a new job. Is this for real?? Yes......yes it is.


Growing up in Tennessee, Cracker Barrel was a staple in my life. The serve all of my favorite southern dishes such as Biscuits n Gravy, chicken and dumplings, and country fried steak. So, if you ask me, I am sorry Brad's wife got fired, but, not sorry for still chowing down there!

I highly suggest you go to a Cracker Barrel near you, and enjoy the good grub. There is a Cracker Barrel in South Portland, Maine and one in Londonderry, New Hampshire.