Being a parent can be exhausting, and nerve racking. Especially with several children, and a newborn. You are constantly going, going, going; mostly on hardly any sleep. Accidents do happen, and when they do, parents tend to be so hard on themselves. Sometimes, the older children see you are struggling, and tend to help you. It is so amazing that a child from such a young age can feel the sense of family, and start to chip in. I can only guess that if you are the parent of several children, how many times the older brother/sister helped you out raising a younger sibling. They are your eyes and ears sometimes too, when you are busy with another task. Just know that those older siblings helping are doing it because they love you. And that is is truly heartwarming.

A mother in Florida was having a usual day, changing her 11 month old baby in the nursery. The older brother, at 9 years old, followed his mom. And, what happened next was a true miracle. While the mother placed the baby on the changing table, she turned her back for a moment; that is all it took. The baby began to roll around, and fell off the table. But, before the baby could hit the ground, big brother stepped in and saved the day!