These owls ain't having it!

According to some owls in Keene are not putting up with humans in there home! Many people complained over the weekend that owls had 'dive bombed' them on the Cheshire Rail Trail. When any type of bird 'dive bombs' it is a self defense tactic. The owls in this area are great horned owls, the tiny Northern saw-whet owl and barred owls. 3 people claimed an owl flew right over their heads and were freaked out enough to contact officials. Experts are mixed on the reason why this may be happening. Some say it could be due to nesting in the area and some believe it could be a hawk instead. The difference is a hawk usually screeches has it dives. Owls are quiet when they do it. And, great horned owls will 'dive bomb' at your small dog or cat. Either way, for safety a warning sign has been placed at the trail. Go it at your own risk. No one has been hurt but, dang that can be scary!

(This video is NOT from this trail)