ESPN wants to tear Patriots nation apart with their most recent scathing article about
Brady, Belichick and Kraft's true relationship. Do you believe the article?

And, once again, Patriotsnation says 'LEAVE OUR DYNASTY ALONE!'.

Obviously, this story makes most of American happy, because they hate the Pats. No one but us wants to believe that the Patriots are THIS great of a team. Our boys are entering the playoffs Saturday, and vying for a #6 SuperBowl ring. This is the week that our boys need to focus and prepare for this game. So, of course ESPN needs to distract them.

But, you know what the Patriots are best at doing besides WINNING? Ignoring the haters!

Here's what Brady thinks about this ludicrous article:

At a press conference yesterday, Belichick was Belichick about the article:

And Patriots owner Robert Kraft says there are WAY more important issues that ESPN can cover:

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