You can do your own version of 'Man/Woman vs Food' at these New Hampshire joints!

Have you ever had a hankerin' to take on an eating challenge? Like, when you have the best wings ever somewhere; you jokingly say to your friend 'Man, I could eat these wings all day long'? Well, you can just do that with your favorite foods right here in New Hampshire. Thanks to for compiling a list of eating establishments that have eating challenges. And, you reward if your win is to eat for free!

Could you win an eating challenge?


3. KC's Rib Shack, Manchester

The Feedbag Challenge is a shovel full of about 6lbs of meat that you and 3-5 friends must finish in 30 mins. If you win, you eat for free and your name and photo on the wall. Talk about meat sweats!


2. Sandwich Master, Rindge

Finish the Nutcase Sandwich Challenge and you'll be stuffed with Mac n Cheese, onion rings, chicken fingers and more all weighing in at almost 10lbs. Then, you will be rewarded a snazzy T-shirt!


1. Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery, Raymond

If you can wolf down 4 whole hamburgers and fries you will get your meal for free and a $100 gift card! So worth the food baby!