Today was a fluke with temperatures reaching 70 in some places. So, wearing shorts on a day like this is cool, right? What to you think about people wearing shorts in the winter?


Oh boy, this may be opening a can of worms; we must find out the answer. This winter has been a rollercoaster! In December getting that deep freeze, then temps staying normal, and then a warming trend for the past couple weeks. 'This only happens in New England' the famous saying goes. And, that is a fact jack. Some people though don't adapt to the winter as they should. We have seen them before, you probably saw a few today; people that wear shorts in the winter. Mostly I see kids on their way to school sporting this fashion. Then I drive by them as I SMDH. I always wonder to myself, 'did your parents let you leave the house dressed like that?'. Apparently so, unless they sneak out. So, I am asking for your opinion. How do you feel about people wearing shorts in the winter?