How does someone steal a boat?

According to the Laconia Daily Sun, Jason Johnson grew up in Meredith and he spent some of his childhood on his family's boat on Lake Winnipesaukee. But, the fun stopped when his Dad fell on financial hard times and had to sell their boat. From then on, Jason committed to becoming successful in life so he could buy his own boat and make memories with his family. Flash forward, and he did just that. Unfortunately, he lost his boat too but, in an awful way.

Marine Patrol found Jason's boat capsized in Meredith Bay September 22nd. Someone or some people had apparently stolen the boat in the middle of the night before and returned it completely destroyed. Looked like the boat's ignition had been hot-wired for more than just a joyride. And, with his emotional ties to this boat he has decided to offer a $1000 reward to anyone that has any information on who did this. The repairs that need to be made to his beloved boat have already cost him $2000 and that price tag is set to go even higher.

If you do have any information please contact or 603-227-2117.

Have you ever lost something that you had a strong emotional attachment to?