Think of an object that you really, write a song about it. How would it sound?

Matt Farley from Manchester has done. For many years Matt has been creating simple, funny, and silly songs about the things he loves or observes. He has been posting all of his 20,000 songs on Spotify,
YouTube, Itunes,
cdbaby,  and other online music sites. According to
Substream Magazine, he is making about $60,000 a year off his music and has even been noticed by the Tonight Show!

I came across one of his albums that he recorded called 'New Hampshire Girl Songs' and it's just that. With songs called ' How Hot are the Girls in Derry? (Very, Very, Very, Very...)', 'The Tilton Diner Hostess Girl' and don't forget this classic 'Keene Girls (Fight For the Right to be Topless!)'. Matt often uses other names to release his songs, so you will have to do some research to find more! Here he is explaining what he does for a living with these songs: